My interview w/ Intuition x Design

So, last month I was interviewed on the podcast by @intuitionxdesign and of course im posting it a month later because I have a 12th house virgo sun and I’m super critical of my self. If your a parent and looking to see how the Human Design System or Astrology can help understand your kids,Continue reading “My interview w/ Intuition x Design”

Saturn Return- My Story

In 2015 I moved from the East Coast to California on a whim… Or was it? What was happening in the sky? Sun (Identity) Mercury (Communication) Pluto (Transformation & Power) Venus (Beauty & Love) All in CAPRICORN! ♑️ Then the planet Saturn moved into Sagittarius on December 24, 2014, and was in and out ofContinue reading “Saturn Return- My Story”

Making Young Marriage Work

Worship or connect spiritually together. Some couples take a relaxing hot bath together, others pray like we do. What ever the activity is make sure you’re connecting for a higher purpose. Be willing to compromise. Believe it or not, we don’t always have to agree in my house but we do have to discuss ourContinue reading “Making Young Marriage Work”