Making Young Marriage Work

  1. Worship or connect spiritually together. Some couples take a relaxing hot bath together, others pray like we do. What ever the activity is make sure you’re connecting for a higher purpose.
  2. Be willing to compromise. Believe it or not, we don’t always have to agree in my house but we do have to discuss our options. Neither one of us simply puts his/her foot down when making a decision.
  3. Make time together a priority. My husband works insane hours Monday-Friday to provide for our family. With very little time after work, weeknights are spent as family time. Our alone time together are few and far between. Im appreciative of every single one of those little moments we can share.
  4. Have a social life. For many people having a separate social life is beneficial. I’ll admit if I had any friends that lived close I would need a night out once a month too.
  5. Encourage each other. Dreams are good, personal goals should be wanted. Our partners should be supportive of our desires and aspirations for life.

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