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Have you ever felt connected to a place that you have never been and you just couldn’t pin point why. Well that was me with New orleans and Los Angeles. The first time I visited LA was as a teenager to go on an audition at Debbie Allen Dance Academy, the second time was to actually attend the program, and the third was when I did a Mock Trial at UCLA. And every time I visited I always felt like I learned something about myself and then left. Recently I vistited as an adult and learned the power behind having and keeping my voice and how it aids my womanhood and my developement as a growing adult. When i visited New Orleans for the first time last year I had a totally different experience it wasn’t about learning anything at all. I walked outside, put my feet on the ground, inhaled the air and I just felt at home. It is known to be a very spiritual city and my spidey scences were tingling. I wanted to explore and know everything and stay there forever I felt at peace, at home. I recently did an astro- geography reading (w/ Shaquanda) to see how different locations affect me and I was shocked to learn that some of the things that I felt without any outside help or influence was actually “accurate”. They say home is where the heart is but maybe just maybe it is where the line is.