Things I Love – Cheap Books

Recently, I went to one of my favorite stores. It’s a bookstore where every item is literally $1! From best selling titles to encyclopedias, they have it all. The total duration of this trip was about an hour. It’s small but its packed with a ton of well organized sections and they have carrying bins and small shopping carts to make it even easier to get more items. 

For most the most part, I am an in/out type of shopper. I like to give myself a time limit along with a budget to make sure of that. Even when thrift shopping, I manage to find what I want and leave quickly so I dont overspend. Bookstores are a different story. I seem to get lost in these places, especially the cheap ones. 

I filled up my cart with all the books I was interested in- about 12. My son managed to slip in another handful also.

Even though we homeschool and have our own book collection, we visit the library often. However, we like to keep a variety of reading books in the house at all times. For non-homeschooling books, if I can’t get them at the library then my typical rules for purchasing are:

  1. Can it found online for free?
  2. Is it less than $10?
  3. Will it be used for more than one person in the house?
  4. Can it be later gifted to a friend or family member?
  5. Will it actually be read?

Now, here comes the fun part. Actually finding a place in my already overflowing shelves to put these new items. Maybe I’ll DIY one of my projects from my last yard sale haul or maybe they will end up on the floor -who knows? 


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