My BET Experience- Part 1 

Since moving to California a little over six months ago, I have been itching to go to an event. Any event would do- at least for now. When I heard the BET awards was being held in L.A. and hosting free events, I just knew I had to be there. Now here’s the tough part.Continue reading “My BET Experience- Part 1 “

Packing for a Big Move

Considering a big move? It’s important to have a strategy in place and stay in a positive mindset. When my husband and I moved from Maryland to California six months ago, we knew we could not take everything with us. We wanted to start fresh and anew. Our options for a new place to live were open, but we settled onContinue reading “Packing for a Big Move”

International Travel Packing Tips

  This week, we’re focusing on travel! This is part three of a five part packing/prep series. I’m halfway through my month-long vacation/late honeymoon in Spain. It’s my first time out of the U.S., so when packing, I wasn’t entirely sure what to bring. Besides checking the weather for the proper clothing, I was at aContinue reading “International Travel Packing Tips”