Stay Glam While on Vacation: Shaquanda’s Tips

This week, we’re focusing on travel! This is part two of a five-part packing/prep series.
One of my favorite things to do is to travel; I do it multiple times a year. Seeing the world and all its infinite wonders is fun and exhilarating. But before the fun starts, there is the daunting task of packing. Packing for a vacation can be stressful and overwhelming. When packing for a trip, you must be strategic. Since you cannot possibly take your entire closet with you, it’s important to know the basics of traveling light while still looking fabulous!
Here are some tips to make this a little easier:
Cosmetics: Every woman wants to look and feel amazing while on vacation, but a face full of makeup isn’t necessary while traveling. Think about it: do you want to waste precious vacation time slaving away in front of a mirror every morning? And who are you glamming up for? You’ll never encounter the people you meet again (unless you make some new friends!)
So, keep it light. You can still look presentable with minimal makeup. Doesn’t your skin deserve a break, too?
Here are my everyday staples that are perfect to take with you:
      1. Eyeliner
      2. Blush
      3. Concealer
      4. Waterproof mascara
      5. Tinted Moisturizer
Try using a color palette. Having a color scheme will help you pre-plan your outfits in an organized fashion. Stick to a few matching colors so you can create multiple looks with only a few items. Think of the clothes you have in your closet and how well they work together. Once you have your clothes together, pick one or two lip colors (lipstick, gloss, or tinted balm) and a small eye shadow palette to add to the list above. And don’t forget makeup remover!
Tip: Try pairing clothing options together that you’ve never tried. It will be fun and exciting to play dress up while on vacation.
Accessories: Interested in adding some flavor to your outfit? Then accessories are a must!  It is much easier to throw a few extra pair of sunglasses or bracelets in your suitcase than articles of clothing. 
Remember: Confidence is the best accessory any woman can have!!!

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