What is Astrology?

An esoteric science used to evaluate and understand personality traits, natural talents, karmic life paths and so much more.

12 Signs of the Zodiac

What can it help you with?

Sun Sign – Your identity/essence

Moon Sign – Feelings/Emotions

Rising Sign – Your Image

Mercury – Reasoning & Communication

Venus – Attraction & Beauty

Mars – Assertion & Desire

Jupiter – Wisdom & Growth

Saturn – Discipline & Structure

Uranus – Freedom

Neptune – Dreams & Healing

Pluto – Transformation

How has astrology helped me?

After understanding my north node/south node placement I was able to heal some childhood traumas, deal with negative self-talk. I’m constantly working towards establishing a routine that supports living an authentic & empowering life.

One of the first interpretations I came across was from Diane Ronngren’s ebook book on lunar nodes.

Here’s mine:

“Sometimes the child comes into a family where other family members suffer from physical disabilities or illness, and the child never experiences the joy of childhood, but instead becomes a little caregiver or nurse to the others who are ill. Sometimes a member of the family of origin suffers from psychological/emotional problems or addiction issues, and the child learns to quietly withdraw, to avoid asking others for attention to his or her needs and wants. They learn that adult family members are not approachable. These lessons teach them to take care of themselves as best they can…”

“You want to be sure that you never make the same mistake twice. You constantly keep watch over yourself, your actions and your choices, to be certain you are making the best ones possible. And, in the hope of helping others to avoid any mistakes you have made, you willingly (and often) offer advice—whether or not it is appreciated, accepted, acknowledged…”

Want to learn about your north node and south node placements in your natal chart?

Book an astrology reading with me today to learn more!



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