Astrology Readings

✨Using your birth chart to help you discover your soul blueprint and connect with the divine ✨

Natal chart Overview $90

Looking at a snapshot of the moment you were born provide insight to certain personality traits, life themes, psychological patterns, desires etc.

Birthday aka Solar Return Reading $45

Focusing on the sun placement; looking at major themes of the upcoming year

Current Transits (Returning Clients Only) $60

Analysis of current planetary placements and how they are affecting your daily life

Career & Life Purpose Reading $77

Whether employed or unemployed, we can uncover talents, evaluate earning potential, provide direction and discuss life purpose

Children Natal Chart with Parent Synastry $122

Learn how to assist your child through major life milestones. Focusing on the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus placements to understand their innate desires, personality traits, along with communication and learning styles.

Generational Healing / Ancestral $88

This astrological reading looks at all that has been spiritually, and / or energetically inherited through family/ancestry. Outer planets and asteroids are used primarily for archetypal interpretation.

  • Heal your inner child and identify ancestral patterns
  • Clear spiritual blockages within your ancestral lineage
  • Beneficial for adoptive people and people who are not physically close with their birth family

Astro Relocation (AstroCartography)

Looking for love, work or a place to thrive?

  • Single Person Relocation and Travel $55
  • Family Relocation and Travel $70

Human Design

Astrology & Human Design Combo Reading $150

Includes a natal chart reading and an overview of your Human Design BodyGraph (Type, Profile, Authority)


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