Astrology Readings

✨Using your birth chart to help you discover your soul blueprint and connect with the divine ✨

  • Natal Chart Overview $90
  • Birthday aka Solar Return Reading $45
  • Current Transits (Returning Clients Only) $60
  • Career & Life Purpose Reading $77
  • Relationship & Soulmate Reading $88
  • Parent/ Child Chart Analysis $122
  • Generational Healing / Ancestral $144


Looking for love, work or a place to thrive?

  • Single Person Relocation and Travel $55
  • Family Relocation and Travel $70

Human Design

Astrology & Human Design Combo Reading $150

Includes a natal chart reading and an overview of your Human Design BodyGraph (Type, Profile, Authority)


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Once your information and payment are processed, you will receive an email with instructions for the reading.


Please note: All readings are non-refundable


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