Deciding to homeschool using human design

Occasionally I am asked if I used HD when deciding to homeschool. Interesting, I enrolled my son into a homeschool charter program following my intuition; knowing the type of education environment he needed to succeed. I found out about human design almost 2 years into homeschooling. Of course once I found out about human designContinue reading “Deciding to homeschool using human design”

Saturn Return- My Story

In 2015 I moved from the East Coast to California on a whim… Or was it? What was happening in the sky? Sun (Identity) Mercury (Communication) Pluto (Transformation & Power) Venus (Beauty & Love) All in CAPRICORN! ♑️ Then the planet Saturn moved into Sagittarius on December 24, 2014, and was in and out ofContinue reading “Saturn Return- My Story”

Find Your Light and Stand In It

Inner strength comes from self-love, wisdom & purpose. If you don’t believe you can do it, then no one else will. In my life, I’ve had to fight through some of the roughest times mostly by myself; it’s in those times that I’ve felt most powerful. Something dynamic happens when I’m faced with adversity- IContinue reading “Find Your Light and Stand In It”