Deciding to homeschool using human design

Occasionally I am asked if I used HD when deciding to homeschool.

Interesting, I enrolled my son into a homeschool charter program following my intuition; knowing the type of education environment he needed to succeed.

I found out about human design almost 2 years into homeschooling.

Of course once I found out about human design I did look at his chart and look to see what if anything supported our family’s decision.

Overall, I found that he needed a relaxed learning style and energetically protected environment.

In the human design system the four arrows are called variables.

This aspect of HD relates to our digestion, environment, perspective and awareness. Each of the arrows individually can give insight into making decisions about different areas of life.

The orientation of the arrows are significantly important.

People with left facing arrows often have a more structured streamlined routine. Therefore having tasks and set rules to follow are important.

Right facing arrows are described as being more receptive. These people thrive by going with the ebbs and flow of life.

My son has all 4 of his arrows facing right and this means that he is here to live a passive more receptive lifestyle.

The information he learns is absorbed through a variety a ways which include online courses, board games, video games, hands-on projects & so much more.

Being homeschooled allows my son to wake up at when his body is naturally ready. He does not have a rigid routine before school like finding an outfit, rushing to have breakfast, catching a bus, etc.

Most days he’s up by 9 or 10 AM.

As a homeschool student he also has the ability (pre-COVID) to go on as many field trips as he wanted and he has the time to create as many projects as his little manifestor heart desires.

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Astrology Transits

How exactly do you use astrology in your every day life?

There are many ways to use astrology whether it be making predictions about the future or are learning something about your past.

Our birth charts are a snapshot of the planets in a certain position in a specific zodiac sign taken the moment we are born.

But, the Earth is continuously moving.

Horoscopes are interpretations of how current planetary positions could be affecting you personally.

When you look at your own chart in comparison to what is going on at the moment, it is called a transit chart.

Transits are important to understand because it can help you in your everyday life. Major life events and psychological transformations are often triggered by planetary transits.

For example, I will use my personal chart as an example I have Saturn in Sagittarius and currently the south node was in conjunction of my Saturn placement.

How is this affecting my life right now?

Unfortunately for me its is health related. Saturn rules the bones and my teeth are prone to cavities. The South node transit often has to do with removing something from our lives.

When the south node is in conjunction with another planet, it essentially weakens it.

During this transit I’ve had a root canal (removal of decay), a sinus lift, and two dental implants.
Ugh 🤦🏽‍♀️ I know…

The dental implants are permanent as most Saturnine things are, and it will help me have a better quality of life.

This is a very unique transit example but not uncommon as many people in early adult years have their wisdom teeth removed usually between 18 – 20, which is exactly the cycle of the transiting lunar nodes.

See how that works?

My interview w/ Intuition x Design

So, last month I was interviewed on the podcast by @intuitionxdesign and of course im posting it a month later because I have a 12th house virgo sun and I’m super critical of my self.

If your a parent and looking to see how the Human Design System or Astrology can help understand your kids, this is for you.

One of the things we discussed was the different aura types and how we can better assist our kids emotional needs while maintaining our own energy.

Listen here!