International Travel Packing Tips

  This week, we’re focusing on travel! This is part three of a five part packing/prep series. I’m halfway through my month-long vacation/late honeymoon in Spain. It’s my first time out of the U.S., so when packing, I wasn’t entirely sure what to bring. Besides checking the weather for the proper clothing, I was at aContinue reading “International Travel Packing Tips”

Recipe- Healthy Dinner Salad

This recipe is perfect for meatless Monday, or any day of the week you want a refreshing and filling meal. All ingredients in this salad are fresh, and there are no artificial ingredients- not even in the dressing! Great if you’re on a diet, or just looking for a healthy alternative for dinner. Ingredients: SpinachContinue reading “Recipe- Healthy Dinner Salad”

Why Thrifting is Better- Part 2

Your style will be changed by force. What’s your signature style? Do you like flirty dresses, monochromatic tones only, or maybe you are a jeans and a t shirt type of person. While you can find anything you’re looking for while bargain hunting, don’t expect to find a lot of one type of variety. ThriftContinue reading “Why Thrifting is Better- Part 2”