DIY Nail Art

I like to keep myself busy with DIY manis once or twice a month at home. Normally, my reasons for getting my nails done are weddings or other special occasions where I’ll be taking professional photos. Naturally, my nails grow quite fast, but they always break or chip after a few weeks. So on occasion, I’ll get tips instead of doing my own regular manicure.

Being me -a frugal fashionista, I didn’t want to pay the money to take off my fake nails, so this time around, I decided to buy a $5 nail remover instead. In my head, I figured this product can be used more than once so I’d be getting my money’s worth. I get tired of the same nail color after about a week. I always try to stretch out my fill-in another week or two by painting them myself in a different color.




After about 30 minutes sitting with my hands in this stuff, it still didn’t take the tips off. All of the nail polish was removed, but that was about it. Needless to say, I was highly disappointed. The nail techs know how to make money, they glued those things on so good you have no choice but to pay money for to remove them.


A while back, I bought some nail art. I was feeling extra creative, so I decided to try it out. YOLO 🙂 I forgot the store I got them from, but I know I picked them up in the clearance rack for about $3. I got an extra week of well-maintained looking nails by using my own polish and these stickers.

Check out the before & after below.

Can you believe this diy mani was done for less than $10 dollars? How do you extend your manicure (either real or fake nails)? I’m open to suggestions!


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