Wine Flights 

Happy Thirsty Thursday! Throwback Style.

The best way to taste a bunch of different wines at a time without going to a winery -wine flights. My first experience having a wine flight was in Amsterdam on a work trip. I decided to treat myself to a drink at the bar while waiting for my next flight. What else is there to do on a layover besides drink?! I don’t even remember what I ordered the first time. I thought it was kinda cool to try a couple of wines for the price of one full glass. I was so happy about the price that I just chose randomly from the menu and drank whatever the waiter placed in front of me. I got drunk and it tasted like expensive wine so I say that was a good time. But I have to admit this first experience wasn’t fabulous and I probably had some amazing wines in front of me that I don’t even remember.

Fast forward to about 2 years ago. Jasmine and I made plans for happy hour after work. Instead of the typical happy hour places we would normally go to, we decided to try something different. I found a cute little spot near my job that had a good ratings on Yelp. This particular restaurant was well known for their wine because they had a small winery attached to the back which made the convenience of over a hundred different wine selections available. The food was great but what I remember most was the wine flights. Because it was happy hour and drinks were half priced, we each got two different types of flights. Each had three glasses. Over dinner, we shared them and felt pretty buzzed. The portions, if I would have to guess were about two to three ounces.  As shown below, beneath each of the glasses was a description of the flavors, aromas, potency, and origins of each wine.

I have been to about a dozen wineries and wine festivals up and down the East Coast with my husband and with friends over the years. However, this dinner was one of my most favorite times drinking wine because it really helped me understand red wines a little more and it was informative. Normally, at home, I prefer white wine because of the sweetness. But at a restaurant, I might have an occasional red so I need to know what is the best quality. Northern California’s wine country is a few hours away from me. Im itching for a mini vacay so I should make a list of places to review. No time like the present! 🙂


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