MY BET Experience – Part 2

Sunday before Janelle Monáe, Nicki Minaj, and Diddy performed at the BET Awards, all attention was on the LA Convention Center where day two of the BET Experience events were being held. The place was basically empty when we arrived at 12:45. I guess everyone was trying to get a glimpse of the celebs live on the Red Carpet, which wasn’t easy since the whole thing was fenced off and highly secured. Only those with pre-approved email confirmations could get into the pre-show. On Saturday, the energy was much higher than the previous day. Both days were full of free things to do for people of all ages, but it’s a shame more people didn’t know or care to attend on Sunday.


The COVERGIRL Beauty Lounge was also empty. We walked past the runway and saw a great show of fashion and make-up tutorials. I didn’t stay throughout the whole presentation, but I could tell the intimate setting was perfect for instruction. Notice the empty chairs?


Here I am waiting to see a member of my FAVORITE R&B group, Destiny’s Child. As a true fan, I was appalled at the turn out to hear these great artists speak. This picture was taken only a few minutes prior. The organizers had to ask people to move up to the VIP chairs because there was extra seating up front. Oh Yeah!IMG_4979

Kelly Rowland and Tyrese Gibson discussed their passion for the music industry and their passion for their families. The whole discussion will be aired July 3rd on the BET network.

“I have to raise a great man for a great woman…I just feel like I don’t want him to choose someone unavailable. I always want to be there for him, and I’m enjoying motherhood.”- Kelly Rowland


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