Chicken Walnut Salad


I don’t know how anyone can get tired of salads. There are endless combinations and anything you have lying around the kitchen can be thrown in. That’s exactly what happened with this salad. It’s very Panera-esque, and I make it regularly now.

My salads are always an unhealthy portion, so add each ingredient to taste- I use a mixing bowl for my salads because I always make a large portion for myself.


-Greens (I usually use a spinach/arugula blend, but whatever you have is fine)

-Shredded chicken

-Sliced apple

-Red onion

-Chopped walnuts


-Almond slivers

-Salt and pepper to taste

-Sweet vinaigrette dressing

Combine and enjoy! I like to eat it with a side of garlic bread.


2 thoughts on “Chicken Walnut Salad

  1. Made it the first time for lunch, and liked it a lot. I also tried adding little yogurt and dried tarragon, which just made it super awesome. In my family every one like salad and thanks to you today I just made their lunch special. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe Shaquanda.


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