Why Thrifting is Better Than Mall Shopping: Part 1

Thrifting often gets a bad rap. People often think of clothes from a thrift or consignment store as dingy, dirty, or lacking in quality. While you certainly need to be careful when thrifting and pay close attention to any used purchase, the fashion steals you will find make it all worth it.

Personally, I prefer thrifting and clearance shopping over buying the newest releases at the stores in the mall. The advantages of bargain shopping are numerous and I think any type of shopper can appreciate them. Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the various reasons I love hunting for a bargain.

Thrift Benefit #1: No one will have the same clothing as you.

You know how you’re passing a store in the mall and you see a really cute outfit on a mannequin at one of your favorite stores? You go in and buy the outfit- complete with the recommended accessories- immediately. Congratulations on your new outfit. The problem with that is, countless other woman fell in love with the same outfit and bought it as well. Everyone has experienced or knows someone who has experienced showing up to an event with the same outfit as another person. With thrifting, you won’t have to deal with that. The clothing in thrift shops are unique. If you don’t need to wear the latest fashion trends in order to feel chic, vintage and past season trends can look brand new against the current trends everyone else is wearing.


There are so many reasons why I’m in love with thrift stores! Check back for part 2 in the series!


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Romance and erotica author Jasmine Garner. Firefighter wife. Occasional seamstress. Lover of: booze, cartoons, and anything inappropriate.

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