Why Thrifting is Better- Part 2

Your style will be changed by force.

What’s your signature style? Do you like flirty dresses, monochromatic tones only, or maybe you are a jeans and a t shirt type of person. While you can find anything you’re looking for while bargain hunting, don’t expect to find a lot of one type of variety. Thrift stores have a wide and quite arbitrary range of styles. When you shop on a budget, you’re forced to accept what’s presented before you.

As you browse, you’ll find things that are cute, but not necessarily your style. Maybe you find something that you like, but wouldn’t normally wear. So if you’re known for wearing mostly black and gray, grab that black dress with the cute hint of color in it. If you dress in girly and fun dresses, try out the lace dress that is slightly more sexy than your day to day style. You might just like it. Changing your style is always fun, and cheap shopping is the best way to do it.

My suggestion? Every thrift trip, find ONE item that you like, but would normally never wear. Your closet will slowly diversify over time. And make sure you wear the item at least once! You won’t know if you like it until you try it. If you do end up liking the style, that’s just one more aesthetic you can look for on your next trip.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy. If you typically wear all black, grab a bright shirt. If you wear a lot of frilly dresses, find a structured leather piece. There’s so much to mix and match.

Buying clothes that aren’t your style can be scary, but once you start, your creative juices will start flowing and you will get excited about it.


Published by Jasmine

Romance and erotica author Jasmine Garner. Firefighter wife. Occasional seamstress. Lover of: booze, cartoons, and anything inappropriate.

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